Why Metro Cubico should handle your Pool Construction in Costa Rica?

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Why Metro Cubico should handle your Pool Construction in Costa Rica?

You can find yourselves fortunate having a swimming pool in your backyard. Whenever you experience an increase in the atmospheric heat, all you need at that moment is getting in your bathing suits and jump into the pool. With the appropriate pool maintenance plan, you can have a long lasting pool that functions flawlessly. Metro Cubico should be your next go-to option for your pool construction in Costa Rica.

However, even consistent maintenance cannot stop the marching of time because everything you own will also have a particular duration of use including your swimming pool. While other pools as a result of their age tend to fall into disrepair, you may even notice some newly constructed pool showing some signs of damage for one reason or the other.

Swimming pools irrespective of old or new will always manifest some signs to show that they are in need of the attention of experts more importantly when things go wrong with them. Here are some of the signs that your swimming pool needs maintenance:

Signs that you might need pool maintenance:

Cracked Walls

When you begin to notice some cracks on the wall of your concrete swimming pools, then you need to get the attention of experts to check your pool. Breaks often refer to water leakages. That does not only waste the pool water, but it also erodes and weakens the soil that surrounds the entire pool. That may be as a result of poor structural designs, insufficient sealing or substandard cement. You will need to get the services of Metro Cubico (a trusted pool construction company in Costa Rica) to fix this problem.

Peeling Plaster.

The surfaces of Swimming pools are always plastered to look good. You need to continually keep it in mind and mix properly the chemicals you use to clean or freshen up the pool to prevent the plaster from eroding. When the plaster wears and becomes thin in some areas, and another area begins to crack or peel away, you should know that the pool surface is getting eroded.

Damaged Pool Liner.

Averagely, you need to replace the pool liners about 8-12 years. If you observe that your pool liner is cracking, it could be a time you need to get a professional to install a new one. Other signs you need to replace your pool liner includes stains, fading and wrinkles.

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If you notice any of the above-listed problems with your swimming pool, Metro Cubico offers experts assistance to protect your investment. To schedule complete pool construction or maintenance for your pool in Costa Rica and even neighbouring countries like Nicaragua and Panama, get in touch with our trusted team of experts in pool construction services.

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