About Us

Founded in 2016, METRO CÚBICO is a regional design and engineering company

With Costa Rica as its operating base, the company also operates out of Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. We are highly specialized in planning, advising, designing, and completing projects for the construction of pools, spas and water features in general, such as: decorative fountains, therapeutic and relaxation fountains, waterfalls, reflecting pools, natural-looking artificial rivers, and much more.

Our knowledge of the market, developed over more than 30 years of the combined experience of its founders, and the support of an excellent team of professionals has allowed METRO CÚBICO to quickly gain a prominent place in the market due to our successful, highly-recognized participation in first-rate projects.

We take pride in our reputation. Our aim is that your investment not only brings you enjoyment but also adds value to your property, regardless of the market characteristics, trends and behavior. As such, METRO CÚBICO endeavors to be a firm known for their relentless search for and application of innovation and excellence in all aspects of their projects, constantly at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, research and development, as well as pursuing their eco-friendly vision.

You will love our unique concept of ‘flexible intervention’, a technique where we adapt to your specific needs, sharing our knowledge and expertise in order to make specific contributions according to your project’s needs (i.e. preliminary design, architectural design, electromechanical design, structural design, onsite supervision, technical support, civil work construction, electromechanical construction, finish work, supply of equipment and materials – or expanding our scope and responsibility to reach an “Engineering, Procurement and Construction” (EPC) service, which is a turnkey product.

By making METRO CÚBICO part of your work-team, you will not only ensure that the finished product becomes the talk of the town – that ‘one’ everybody notices – but also that your dream pool, spa, or water feature is exceptionally durable and cost-efficient to operate and maintain.

Pool Construction in Costa Rica

Experience & Professionalism

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly, and beautiful product – one that harmonizes with the ambiance of your architectural and landscape design. We are committed to staying at the peak of research and development, while applying our innovative approach, so we can offer solutions and ideas to you that are creative, technically viable and environmentally sustainable. We’re the company that turns your dreams into reality, standing by you each step of the way through the designing, engineering, planning, and constructing of your dream project; but also being your one-stop-shop after you finish building, where you can pick up equipment, tools, maintenance, and whatever else you may need. We look forward to a long and positive relationship with you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading company of Latin America and The Caribbean in the field of design, engineering, consulting, construction, and equipping of pools, spas and other water features, recognized for implementing environmentally sustainable solutions allowing to unleash the therapeutic, relaxation, leisure and fun qualities of water and its combination with other elements of Nature , always in the interest of the expectations of our clients, supported by a strong commercial presence in the regions of influence, which among others will include the provision of leading-edge supplies which improve the energy efficiency of the traditional systems and lessen the environmental footprint.

Core Values

Transparency – We are sincere and honest in all our relations and transactions.

Pursuit of excellence – We stay abreast of research and development besides listening to our customer feedback to create the best end product for you.

Self-evaluation – We constantly improve our endeavors by following a process of customer input, reflection, strategy implementation, customer input. By keeping this cycle of feedback and improvement going our business is always moving forward.

Professionalism – We are polite and punctual in our responses to our customers. Our goal is a long-term relationship, a relationship that goes beyond the completion of your dream project.

Creativity – We pride ourselves on our ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’ to create the best possible end product. Our proposals for solutions will always be tackled from an innovative perspective, challenging what is conventional.

Environmental and social awareness – We operate with the first and foremost premise that all of our actions have an effect on the surroundings.