The Benefits of Steam Showers: A Relaxing Bath

In the vibrant landscape of Costa Rica, where tropical beauty meets a laid-back lifestyle, incorporating elements of relaxation and rejuvenation into our daily routines is essential. Amidst the lush greenery and serene vistas, Metro Cúbico introduces a luxurious addition to your residential or commercial space: [...]

Building swimming pools in Costa Rica: tips and trends

Costa Rica, with its lush natural beauty and tropical climate, is the perfect setting to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a well-built swimming pool. At Metro Cúbico, we take pride in offering specialized services in the creation, consulting, design, and construction of residential and [...]

Design and construction of swimming pools for hotels

Tourism is big business in Costa Rica - millions of people from all over the world visit each year and contribute billions of dollars to the Costa Rican economy - and it’s not hard to see why. Costa Rica boasts world-class beaches, rich colonial and [...]

Construction of swimming pools in Panama

Panama is a small Spanish-speaking country located in Central America which borders Costa Rica and Colombia. Perhaps the most famous landmark of Panama is the Panama Canal, which is 82km in length and stretches from one side of the country to the other, connecting the [...]

Engineering, design and construction of pools in Costa Rica and Panama

Metro Cúbico is a regional design and engineering company and we specialize in swimming pools and water features, such as decorative fountains, therapeutic and relaxation fountains, waterfalls, reflecting pools, natural-looking artificial rivers, and much more. Our aim is to provide you with long-lasting, economical, environmentally [...]

Finishing materials for spas and pools in Costa Rica

We can talk to you all day about amazing swimming pools are; to own one is a dream for most people, especially in a place like Costa Rica. They provide so much fun, they’re a great place to relax and spend free time, and they’re [...]

Basic maintenance that must be done to the pool

Swimming pools are among the nicest and most satisfying things a person can own, but as with all things, if you want them to last, you must maintain them. Having a pool built at your home isn’t the end of the story, it requires careful [...]

Architectural pool design in Costa Rica

Costa Rica in the perfect place for swimming pools. With its tropical climate and temperatures that average between 70 and 81 Fahrenheit virtually all year round, there’s nothing nicer than jumping into a swimming pool to cool off and enjoy the weather. Metro Cúbico is [...]

Best companies for pool maintenance in Costa Rica

Owning a swimming pool is great. It’s something you can use to unwind, to relax, to exercise, to host parties, or to simply enjoy the fantastic weather that Costa Rica has to offer. It’s a luxury that most people would love to have the world [...]

Considerations when building a pool in the mountains of Costa Rica

There are few settings on Earth that are more idyllic for building a swimming pool than the mountains of Costa Rica. With the lush, green hills, numerous lakes, and rich biodiversity, being in a swimming pool in the Costa Rican mountains really is living the [...]

Supply of equipment and accessories for swimming pools in Costa Rica

Owning your own swimming pool is one of life’s greatest joys and luxuries. If you own one, especially in Costa Rica, then you are aware of this and have been enjoying the pool lifestyle. Needless to say, we could go on for hours about how [...]

Design and construction of swimming pools for homes in Costa Rica

Having your own personal pool at your house is the stuff of dreams; for most people, it’s something that comes very high on the list of ‘things to do’ when they reach a certain level of wealth. If you have a home in Costa Rica, [...]

Construction of water fountains for companies

A water fountain is a timeless feature that adds beauty and elegance to any building, area, or establishment. From Ancient Egypt and the gardens of Ancient Rome, right through to modern-day Las Vegas, the water fountain has been used for functional and aesthetic purposes. For [...]

Tips for keeping your home swimming pool clean and healthy to use

So, you’ve splashed out and bought a pool in Costa Rica. How exciting! We’re sure you’re already aware of how incredible it feels to be able to go for a swim whenever you want to. First thing in the morning? No problem. After a long [...]

Pool design and construction for condominiums in Costa Rica

A condominium, or “condo”, as it’s often shortened to, is a type of shared living space similar to an apartment complex or housing estate, and comes from the Latin “con”, meaning “together”, and “dominium”, meaning “domain” or “property”. The individual apartments or houses in a [...]

Pool construction in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a beautiful province in the north of Costa Rica, home to world-class beaches, national parks, and rich biodiversity. For example, the Santa Rosa National Park has over 250 species of bird living in it. One of the most famous beaches in the area, [...]

Construction of Swimming Pools for Commercial Companies and Hotels

Costa Rica is a paradise and a popular destination for expatriates who prefer the refreshing splendor of a swimming pool to the sunny, windy and sandy beach terrain.There are many factors to be considered for the construction of swimming pool for commercial companies and resorts [...]

Tips to keep in mind before building a pool

Of all things, you will love to have inside your home is a swimming pool and can be the most expensive. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most substantial investments you’ll make in your whole lifetime. This implies that you have to make the right [...]

Maintenance of Swimming pool in Rainy Season

If you are one of those who owns a pool in Costa Rica, you will know how luxurious it is to take a dip particularly after a long day at work. However, having a pool in this region of the world implies that you are [...]

Design and construction of indoor Jacuzzi

Top 5 Tips for installing your Jacuzzis indoors. We gain fun from soaking ourselves outside because it feels more natural, but that experience can be brought inside when you think you don’t have a spot on the lawn or deck. At times, you would instead [...]

Why Metro Cubico should handle your Pool Construction in Costa Rica?

You can find yourselves fortunate having a swimming pool in your backyard. Whenever you experience an increase in the atmospheric heat, all you need at that moment is getting in your bathing suits and jump into the pool. With the appropriate pool maintenance plan, you [...]

Reason why Metro Cúbico should handle your pool designs in Costa Rica

Swimming pools serve as a beautiful addition to your homes. They create a great avenue to exhaust quality time with your friends and families and creating lifelong memories. To build and design the pool of your dream, we discuss great designs for your fantastic space [...]

Pool design and construction services

A swimming pool is one of the best landscaping options for your home. Asides the aesthetic value however, the functional value of a swimming pool is perhaps more important. You could always soak yourself in the water on a hot summer evening or to relieve [...]

Spa or Jacuzzi, what is the right term?

If you happen to pay attention to details, this question would have crossed your mind at one point or the other. It’s a common mistake we all make or we all have made at some point. Anytime you hit a tub in your luxury home [...]

5 things you need to know about water fountain installation

There aren’t too many features that beautify your landscape the way a water fountain does. Many of the most famous tourist attractions in the world boast attractive water fountains and this should tell you that a water fountain can add that ‘wow’ factor to any [...]

Pool renovation service in Costa Rica

Just like any other feature in your home, the aesthetic and functional value of your pool cannot possibly last forever. The weather, frequent use or even disuse, and tine all contribute significantly to the wear and the need for a renovation becomes evident after several [...]