Considerations when building a pool in the mountains of Costa Rica

Considerations when building a pool in the mountains of Costa Rica

Considerations when building a pool in the mountains of Costa Rica

There are few settings on Earth that are more idyllic for building a swimming pool than the mountains of Costa Rica. With the lush, green hills, numerous lakes, and rich biodiversity, being in a swimming pool in the Costa Rican mountains really is living the life. That being said, it is a luxury that requires careful consideration before purchasing as there are more things to consider when building a pool in the mountains than in a more traditional setting.

Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Climate of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s beautiful tropical weather may be one of the country’s biggest selling points (and a big motivation for wanting to own a swimming pool here), but it also comes with a cost. Heavy rains, humidity, and intense storms mean that mudslides sometimes occur, causing the destruction of property, injuries, and sometimes even death.

As a result, it’s important to carefully survey the land upon which you wish you build your swimming pool. Many people own homes in the mountains, so it’s definitely possible, but It’s important to have the area checked by professionals and to use to appropriate materials that can cope with the demands of the Costa Rican climate. This leads us nicely into the next consideration.

2. Materials.

Steel-reinforced concrete pools built into the ground are generally considered the strongest, however, it takes significantly longer to complete the build using this material. Another option is to use fibreglass, which makes for a faster build since they are moulded beforehand and simply installed into the area, but they may be slightly weaker.

Another factor is customisations and upgrades – you may wish to upgrade your pool at some point in the future. This is generally easier to do with a concrete pool since fibreglass pools are moulded in one piece, making amendments very difficult.

The material you choose for your pool is a big decision and you should consult a professional before making any firm decisions.

3. Build it above or below ground?

At first thought, having a pool built into the ground may seem like the better option; it’ll blend in better with the surroundings so you can really feel immersed in the mountains. However, this may not be practical. For one thing, the ground you’re planning to build into must be suitable – it may be too soft or too steep up in the mountains, and thus not secure. Secondly, it is often more expensive to build into the Earth than to build a pool on top of it. We recommend you consult a professional before making this decision.

4. Who are you hiring to build the pool?

Speaking of hiring professionals, this is perhaps the most important thing to consider – you need to hire professionals you can trust. Professionals like us at Metro Cúbico.

If you’re thinking of building a swimming pool in the mountains of Costa Rica, we’d love to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us today.

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