Engineering, design and construction of pools in Costa Rica and Panama

Engineering, design and construction of pools in Costa Rica and Panama

Metro Cúbico is a regional design and engineering company and we specialize in swimming pools and water features, such as decorative fountains, therapeutic and relaxation fountains, waterfalls, reflecting pools, natural-looking artificial rivers, and much more. Our aim is to provide you with long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly, and beautiful products – products that enhance and blend harmoniously with the surrounding architecture and landscape.

Our base of operations is in Costa Rica, but we also operate out of Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. As we’re sure you’ll agree, these are some of the best places on Earth for swimming pools. The warm, tropical climate makes owning and using a swimming pool one of the most satisfying experiences a person can have. Water is a huge part of the lifestyle and culture in these places, and what’s better than having your own private slice of it?

Our core service is always bespoke – we work with each individual client to design their dream pool, right down to choosing the materials and engineering processes to be used. For example, will you need a concrete pool, a gunite pool, or a vinyl-lined pool? We’ll do a full assessment and decide on the best option for you. Once we’ve designed a pool that meets your exact specifications and fits perfectly with the design of the surrounding areas, we begin constructing the pool. Our experts construct the pool to the highest standards using the finest materials and engineering techniques.

Following construction, we also offer a maintenance service. As our goal is to make long-lasting products, we believe in doing regular maintenance checks to prevent any problems that may lead to damaging your pool from occurring. Our maintenance service includes cleaning the filters, checking pH and chlorine levels, checking the pumps and water skimmers work correctly, and much more.

While we’ve been primarily discussing private pools, our service is not limited to them. We also cater to condominiums, hotel resorts, gyms, and spas. For any situation where a swimming pool may be wanted or needed, Metro Cúbico is the company to call.

As you can see, our service is complete and all-compassing – we take care of every aspect of your pool, no matter what stage you’re at in pool ownership. Whether you’re just thinking about getting a swimming pool, or whether you’ve had a swimming pool for 10 years already, Metro Cúbico can cater to your exact needs. Whether you’re in Costa Rica, Panama, or anywhere else in the surrounding areas, we’re happy to help you with your swimming pool.

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