Best companies for pool maintenance in Costa Rica

Best companies for pool maintenance in Costa Rica

Owning a swimming pool is great. It’s something you can use to unwind, to relax, to exercise, to host parties, or to simply enjoy the fantastic weather that Costa Rica has to offer. It’s a luxury that most people would love to have the world over. However, with a great pool comes great responsibility – you have to maintain it.

Pool maintenance includes cleaning, repairing, controlling chemical levels, and more, and it’s essential to the smooth running of your pool. For this reason, it’s a very important job and it’s one that should be done by professionals. While there are a number of companies that offer these services, in our humble opinion, Metro Cúbico is the best company that offers pool maintenance in Costa Rica. Allow us to tell you why.

Metro Cúbico offers a full, extensive pool maintenance service. We are based in San José, Costa Rica and cater to private pools, commercial hotel pools, gyms, and country club resorts. The maintenance we offer includes not only routine inspections and cleaning, but also preventative measures.

Pool maintenance consists of many things that most people may not consider – it’s more than just removing large objects that fall into the pool (debris, sticks, large leaves, etc) – which is why it’s important to hire professionals. Metro Cúbico’s pool maintenance service includes checking the pH levels of your pool – if your pH is too high or too low, it affects the chlorine, meaning you may have to use more and more to ensure it’s safe, which is costly and time-consuming to you, the owner.

Our pool maintenance service also includes making sure the pool filter is working at full capacity and even checking that the water level is correct. This last check is something that may be overlooked by most pool owners because, unless the pool is obviously overflowing or almost empty, the water level isn’t something that people think about. However, if the pool water level is slightly off it can cause problems: if the water level is too high, it can cause the pool skimmer to work incorrectly, and if the water level is too low it can cause the pump to dry up and burn out.

Once we’ve performed our checks, if there is a problem with one of your parts, we also provide replacements and our experts install them for you as quickly as possible – it’s our fundamental aim to have your pool running at its optimal level for as long as possible, and it’s why our maintenance service is the best.

We only source the highest quality products from the best brands available, such as Pentair, AquaStar, Hayward and more! We are one of Costa Rica’s foremost swimming pool and water feature companies, registered with the National Federation of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) – so you know we can be trusted.

If you have any questions about swimming pool maintenance or would like to experience our world-class pool maintenance service, get in touch with us today!

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