Construction of Swimming Pools for Commercial Companies and Hotels

Construction of Swimming Pools for Commercial Companies and Hotels

Construction of Swimming Pools for Commercial Companies and Hotels

Costa Rica is a paradise and a popular destination for expatriates who prefer the refreshing splendor of a swimming pool to the sunny, windy and sandy beach terrain.There are many factors to be considered for the construction of swimming pool for commercial companies and resorts in Costa Rica, which come in various styles, shapes, and finishing’s.

Construction of swimming pool in Costa Rica.

Construction of swimming pool in Costa Rica are usually bespoke for the site of construction and involves a detailed study of such environmental parameters as terrain, soil, proximity to the main building, views, wind strength and direction. In order to ensure first-class construction excellence, the company must be a registered pool construction company with the National Federation of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica and the Association of pool and Spa Professionals (APSP).

Construction of swimming pools.

In the construction of swimming pools, it is also important to solve the problem of pool materials, energy systems, equipment, and cost so that the project meets international standards. It is pertinent to construct swimming pools with pristine engineering techniques; quality control at each stage; weather and moisture-resistant materials; environmental risk mitigates such as winds and earthquake-cushioning materials.

Construction methods.

There are different methods and materials for the construction of swimming pool in Costa Rica, which give rise to a variety of swimming pool types. In the Construction of swimming pools, much be done in order to meet the water-tightness stipulations of the British Standard 8007:1987, which states that “During the 7 day test period, the total permissible drop in water level after allowing for evaporation, should not exceed 1/500th of the average water depth of the full tank, 10mm or another specified amount.” The major difference amongst pool types however is in the basin construction. Some of them include:

Concrete pools.

A timber framework is assembled and concrete is poured into it. Another method involves the use of concrete blocks to construct walls.

Gunite pools.

In an excavated hole with its plumbing in place, a framework rebar grid is laid down. It is then heavily sprayed in gunite (shotcrete); a mixture of cement and sand. It is then smoothened with a trowel and left to dry. Plastering, concrete painting or tiling can do finishing of the pool.

Vinyl-lined pools.

This is cheaper but less durable as the lining needs to be replaced every 10 years. A hole is excavated and a metal, wooden or plastic wall frame is a lined throughout the perimeter. Sand filler is lined at the bottom of the hold, and a vinyl lining is fastened to the perimeter.

Swimming pool types also depend on materials and systems such as filter sand, diatomaceous earth, overflow channels, platform upstands, tiles and coping; epoxy-based, Diamond Brite, Pebble Tec, unplasticized polysulphide sealant, lines, and stainless steel types.

Here is the step-by-step method for the construction of swimming pools:

  1. Excavation
  2. Steel construction/type
  3. Plumbing
  4. Gunite
  5. Tile and coping
  6. Decking
  7. Electricals and gas lines
  8. Pool-area cleaning
  9. Review
  10. Interior surfaces

Problems facing the construction of swimming pool in Costa Rica.

Besides the environmental factors affecting swimming pool construction for commercial use, there are logistical problems that include:

  1. Costs, including those related to infrastructure;  transportation; labor; provincial regulations; insurance;
  2. Local labor inefficiencies
  3. Social security
  4. Quality standards; code inspections and warranties

Considering all these points, it is advisable to hire professionals for your company or hotel pools construction or maintenance. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at Metro Cubico for world class swimming pools constructions or maintenance services.

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