Architectural pool design in Costa Rica

Architectural pool design in Costa Rica

Architectural pool design in Costa Rica

Costa Rica in the perfect place for swimming pools. With its tropical climate and temperatures that average between 70 and 81 Fahrenheit virtually all year round, there’s nothing nicer than jumping into a swimming pool to cool off and enjoy the weather. Metro Cúbico is proud to be one of Costa Rica’s foremost pool design and construction companies, and we’d love to make your pool dreams come true.

We work with our clients from the ground up, designing a pool from scratch to fit seamlessly into the architectural surroundings. We understand that every location is different and comes with different demands for its swimming pool. Designing and building a pool for a private home up in the mountains is very different from building a pool for a hotel resort by the beach.

A swimming pool designed for a hotel will obviously need to be able to cope with the extra usage of the hotel guests while also being aligned with the architecture and theme of the hotel resort as a whole. A swimming pool in the mountains will require different factors to be considered, such as the sturdiness and incline of the ground on which it is built. We also cater for gyms, spas, condominiums, and any other swimming pool environment you can imagine.

As you can see, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to swimming pools, so we take pride in working with clients to develop a bespoke swimming pool design that fits their individual needs. Once the design is finalized, we begin construction, and we build the pool in its entirety – we don’t outsource any aspects of the process. Even the finishing touches and accessories for the pool, we source, supply, and install. We provide a truly all-encompassing service.

Even once the pool is finished, the story doesn’t end there. It must be maintained if it is to be operational for a significant period of time. It must be regularly cleaned and each component must be serviced to ensure it’s working correctly. The quality of the water must also be checked regularly to ensure it’s safe to use, for example, the pH and chlorine content must be monitored to avoid causing harm to swimmers and the pool itself. We provide all of these services and offer advice on how you can care for your pool yourself as part of our maintenance package.

We are located in Costa Rica and we pride ourselves on being one of the best suppliers of swimming pool engineering in our country. We offer our services in all areas of the country, in addition to the neighboring countries of Nicaragua and Panama.

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