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Radiant floor systems are an alternative to traditional central heating by providing heat from below the floor. They’re reliable, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and affordable. Radiant floor systems can cost up to half as much as a typical boiler and are more efficient and environmentally friendly. We truly believe in these heating systems can be the heating systems of the future.

This system uses a stainless steel water heater instead of a traditional boiler, and these are designed to make the water warm rather than hot. Being able to operate at lower temperatures saves both time and energy when the system is in use – which in turn saves you money on bills.

Operating at lower temperatures has the added benefit of being very eco-friendly. This system is also compatible with solar panels, meaning if you have solar panels installed, or are even just thinking about having them installed, your home can become even more environmentally responsible – a true home of the future.

This system is simplicity manifest: there are fewer parts, making it easier to install, easier to maintain, and easier find replacement pieces than traditional boilers. It’s so simple that those of you who like DIY can work on this with ease; there’s no need to call in an expert for most maintenance. This is what makes it so reliable and long-lasting.

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