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Saunas are well-known to be great for a person’s health; for centuries, people have used intense heat to reap the many benefits it offers. These benefits range from helping to de-stress and reduce anxiety to boosting cardiovascular health and brain functioning; they even help people to recover faster after intense workouts.

Having a sauna in your home is, for many, the ultimate luxury, and we’re proud to be able to offer this service to you. We offer both Modular Sauna rooms and Custom-Cut sauna rooms. A modular sauna room is a sauna which comes in a range of standard sizes and can easily be fitted to a space. A custom-cut sauna room is an option for people who want a little more flexibility and customization, perhaps they want their sauna to be incorporated into a pre-existing room/design, rather than being a stand-alone unit. Regardless of your preference, both options offer an exceptional sauna experience.

We have a number of accessories to enhance your sauna experience. For example, we offer a range of control devices which allow you to easily control the temperature and environment you want in your sauna. We also offer a number of buckets and ladles in many sizes and styles, as well as many cushions and linens to make your sauna as comfortable as possible.

Get in touch with Metro Cúbico today to find out how we can help you build the sauna of your dreams.

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